A breif alphabetical glossary of 23rd Century Space / Starship Remus stuff.

Log No: 005 Pvt J Fast. Julian Date Beginning 2456582.500000

So I got bored and decided to write about some of the more random space stuff i’ve encountered so you guys know a bit more about what’s hot in the 23rd Century, feel free to ask any questions, I’m off for a Pizza!

A) Antennae Galaxies – Colliding Galaxies a.k.a where the party is at.

B) Benedict Thompson – The insane piss head Captain in charge of Remus.

C) Carboniser – They couldn’t call it a Replicator because of copyright, but similar.

D) Draagxun Elite – Galactic Special Forces, Multi Species.

E) Eriuvalous – Home to a super intelligent race who have no sense of urgency.

F) Flux – When body doesn’t register that you have been through warp, not nice.

G) Globulans – The newest arrivals to the space trade, don’t know much about them.

H) Highway 1000 – The best route between The Milky Way and Andromeda.

I) Impulse – When we want to cruise around we use the ships Impulse engines.

J) JDN – Julian Date Number, Astronomical Time used in space, being replaced soon.

K) Kellogg’s Cornflakes – The only real food officially allowed on Earth spacecraft.

L) Lake Usunisia – A Jupiter size ball of H2O floating on the outskirts of Milky Way.

M) Mook – Extremely alcoholic milk produced by Forzean Cattle called Mhuskki.

N) New London – Earth built city on Gliese 667Cc, not London but still cool!

O) Odin Class Cruisers – Huge Earth / Crevelian Starships being built for hypertravel.

P) Phasers – Always set to stun, though our security use old P90’s with Pulse upgrades.

Q) Quinslak – A form of bartering based on insults, preferred by Greejuin Traders.

R) Robots / Androids – Essential, from crew members to ship building.

S) Star Trek – The Bible by Gene Roddenberry.

T) Tankers – Huge transport ships that carry minerals from mining colonies.

U) Ufalzar Ufalzar – Iqualforian winner of this years Miss Universe, Green and hot!

V) Vacuum – A great place to perform experiments, a bad place to get sucked in to.

W) Warp Drive – When you need to get to places faster than light speed will allow.

X) X-Rays – The best kind of glasses!

Y) Y-Zone – Nickname for a point where time splits into two separate paths of reality.

Z) Zuuvus – A unique fungus that gradually eats through spacecraft hulls.


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